Knot and Grey Plover arrive in numbers

NE to ENE breeze all day, overcast.

Just my two checks of the south shore so far (MD)
Common Sandpiper 2 together briefly on the foreshore before leaving south
Linnet 32
Mediterranean gull 5 adult 1 juvenile on beach next to wooden jetty,
Robin 1 near the lighthouse 
Wheatears none on the out leg, first one seen flying in across the harbour near the waterfall then another 2 had come in near the lighthouse and 6 on the foreshore - so minimum 6 individuals, probably 9
Rock Pipit, again none seen on way out, but 4 arguing on foreshore on return. Suspect 2 were passing through.
Rock Pipits in "dispute"

High water 17:15
Wheatear 4 on foreshore 
Rock Pipits at least 5, that was the highest single count, but they were all along the foreshore.
I really just went down to see what was on the saltmarsh and foreshore, I had expected it to be busy, but unbelievably for a Bank Holiday Monday there was no one walking on the beach out from the saltmarsh, and better, the water line was full of waders.
It was good to see flocks of waders again, even if you couldn't tell what they were! This first clip is just a flavour of the evening with a flock of small waders coming in to land on the waterline.