Swallow movement increasing

The light breeze from SE to E sunshine all day.

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Ringing and vis report from Alan

A different morning again today, clear and sunny. Only two Grey Wagtails seen today (one only trapped).

Other captures:

Sedge Warbler 2

Blackcap 3

Chiffchaff 1

Willow Warbler 1

Blue Tit 1

Great Tit 4

A fairly constant steady trickle of Swallows (c60) flying south at least until I left just before 11.00.

I also had a quick check 10:00 - 11:15 (MD)

Swallow 36 in small groups 8, 6, 16 and 6

Mute the adult pair now on the "no swimming" pond with one of the cygnets. The other 8 cygnets still on the main pond

Mallard 8

Gadwall just 1 male

Little grebe 1

Not a lot of dragonflies around considering how warm it was

Emperor 3

Brown Hawker 2

Migrant Hawker 2

Common Darter 5

Butterflies included:

Red Admiral 

Small Tortoiseshell 

Speckled Wood 

Meadow Brown 

Silver Y moth

Silver Y, perfectly camouflaged against the dead leaves 

South Shore
These records are a composite of two checks each by myself and Kevin.

Common Snipe 10 flushed by the tide covering the saltmarsh.

Small Copper on the saltmarsh 

Small Copper - first one seen for a moth or so

Wheatear 6
Rock Pipit 3

Ringed Plover c50

Dunlin c15

Both the above were close in on the few remaining rocks on Red Nab at high water.


Adult Ringed Plover with two juvenile plus a Dunlin 
A few of the Dunlin took the opportunity to forage the flotsam, the front bird never took its eye off me.