Birding Upland Magic.

Perfect weather for some time on Harrisend to find 6 Stonechatit being early October looking like they're set to winter there, with relations already having left for the coast or maybe further afield to southern Europe or the northern Africa coast.

At least a total of 8 Raven seen, coming into view over the ridge then dropping back down out of view for much of the 3 hours I spent here, it was impossible to say whether I was seeing the same birds all the time. Their behaviour is interpreted as playful, with impressive aerobatics, and very entertaining from a human perspective.

Also several sightings of at least 6 Buzzard with five together at one point, making it difficult to know if six was the total.

In this video, having made a few attempts at some footage, it's difficult to know if they are all 7 Raven in the frame, with Buzzards occasionally in company with them during the visit....View the 40sec video Full Screen and take the test!