Pearly Dewdrops Drops

Money spider money shot. 'Money spider' is a generic term for around 250 species in Britain this one  This one is probably made by  Lepthyphantes tenuis.

Since starting this blog, my patchwork perambulations have been even more enjoyable.

Take this morning, for example. The birding was disappointing - with none of the  hoped for passage migrants. However, now because I'm looking at everything on the patch - not just the birds, there's always something wonderful to see. I'm viewing the place more as a whole -  a community of wildlife.

This morning  was about spiders webs. The effect of the morning light on water droplets lined along the strands of silk was stunning. Phew, I managed to avoid the overused 'strands of pearls' cliché.

Equally fascinating is the way that - under certain conditions - things are revealed that would otherwise go unnoticed. The abundance of 'money spider' webs being a case in point. In a patch of the patch, about a meter square, I counted seventy three of these silken hammocks.

Never one to pass up an opportunity to extrapolate* - I calculate that the patch total of such webs is a Big Lot (my workings for this calculation are available on request).
Web of Linyphia triangularis (probably)  The prey are snared by "barrage lines" above the web, and fall onto the horizontal sheet

Photo Showing the amazing abundance of 'Money Spider 'webs

Some more from a few days ago

* 'Appetite for Extrapolation' by Guns and Roses is seldom off my phonogram

**Pearly Dewdrops Drops is a track a The Coctau Twins