False Oxlip, New superlarge Colony of Moschatel, Start of Geums etc etc (Nature Diary for Thursday 14th April 2022) Burton In Kendal, Cumbria

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 A lovely spring morning and I was desparate to get out and explore some of our local countryside, woodlands and areas close to home near Slape Lane.

I huffed and I puffed (literally) armed with ventilin if necessary but I was getting out and nothing was going to stop me. I had been having visions of tracking down the rare False Oxlip (Primula x polyantha). I found it last year and its now one of my favourite species which tells so much of the development story of the hybrid between the two favourtie species. Of all the hybrids I know of it is so clearly defined to its intermediary profiles.

Here it was again before my very eyes, not at its best! thats in another fortnight, but so pleased its made it again this year. Managed a few defined photos as follows:

I was again enjoying the woodland and all it had to offer with the calls from my first Willow Warblers of the year, and a local Chiffchaff, also bonus with Marsh Tits and Nuthatches and Goldcrest plus all the other locals making their show, it was fantastic, some of the calls from the birds echoed against all the many tree trunks. The flowers were springing through with the obvious Dogs Mercury taking the lead roles followed by Wood Anemone, Primrose, Bluebells, and here and there Ground Ivy, Moschatel, Yellow Pimpernell, Greater Stitchwort and just breaking through Water Avens.  It wont be long before the buds are showing on the fantastic Bush Vetch which just has to be my number two of the Spring. Its all there for the next week or two.

I found a really large Moschatel population which must have spread over 12ft diameter and this time on wooland floor in close company to Ground Ivy. 

And below are other beauties I enjoyed:

Greater Stitchwort



Water Avens

Water Avens

Yellow Pimpernel

Yellow Archangle

Wood Anemone 

Wood Anemone

Bluebell - love the bell sweep

A sewn daffodil


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