Juvenile BHG arrive

Up to 09:30 there was a touch of east in the light wind, after that it turned to SW.

South Shore (MD)
I went down at 10:00 hoping the east in the wind had brought some insects in, but it was already a light SW wind. Still, there had been some movement and again, I only caught the end of it.
Emperor Dragonfly near waterfall 
Common Blue 1
Meadow Brown 2 (first records this year)
Male Meadow Brown - both were males
Eider 4 female
Rock Pipits 4
Linnet 2 near Red Nab plus 10+ between lighthouse and waterfall 
Curlew 42 flew from Red Nab towards the estuary 
Mediterranean gull 3 x 2nd calendar year 
Black-Headed gull numbers increasing rapidly including at least two juveniles. This one was having a preen on Red Nab