Golden Moments….Part 2.

It was time this week, for another wander around the area and to check around the bog at Birk Bank, where I have found odonata having a lack of variety over the past couple of visits....But mustn't grumble.

Golden Ringed Dragonfly July 13. Pete Woodruff.

I managed to lift this years sightings to five locations to date, when I notched up 5 Golden-ringed Dragonfly, seen as two on the bog at Birk Bank, one of which was seen briefly ovipositing, two over the River Conder at Cragg Wood, and one on Ottergear Bridge. A few minutes after I had found the GRD on the bridge, a Common Hawker flew east - west below the bridge.

Keeled Skimmer 13 July. Pete Woodruff.

Also, 7 Keeled Skimmer all male, five seen on the bog, and two on the west side of Ottergear Bridge, where I was surprised to find them here again as last year. Also on the bog, 2 Large Red Damselfly.

My butterfly counts remain low, though to contradict I did see 18 Meadow Brown, also 6 Large White, 5 Ringlet, 5 Small Skipper, and 3 Small Tortoiseshell.

Birds noted, a Buzzard and Raven were overhead, and a murder of up to 100 Carrion Crow came over the ridge.

The Golden-ringed Dragonfly.

Being unique in its breeding habitat of acidic upland streams and patrolling lengthy sections, the Golden-ringed Dragonfly also feed over nearby areas of moorland, with occasionally wanderings. 

'The species appears to have been lost from parts of North Lancashire. However, due to the often remoteness of its habitat it is not clear whether this might simply be 'an absence of records' rather than 'a record of absence'. It is likely that Golden-ringed Dragonflies are present throughout much of the northern uplands, breeding on the numerous streams, most of which are rarely surveyed'....Ref:The Dragonflies of Lancashire and North Merseyside. Steve White and Philip H. Smith.

Having achieved a total of 18 Golden-ringed Dragonflies in seven days at five sites. Too late this year, but I think maybe next I should make a plan, and change the 'rarely surveyed' to make a contribution to something more positive.