This website is an aggregate blog, it downloads posts published on many separate blogs by wildlife enthusiasts, bird watches, bird observatories and wildlife societies. It then aggregates their content together into a single blog.

The aims of this site are, to bring this fantastic information resource and in many cases literary talent to a wider audience and hopefully encourage others to record, publish and share their wildlife encounters. I also hope this site will encourage more people to engage with and learn about their local wildlife.

The prototype for this website is www.bowlandwildlife.org.uk also an aggregate blog, this was inspired by a sustainable tourism project in the Forest of Bowland AONB. Wildlife conservation and encouraging wildlife appreciation and understanding are in my view fundamental to any sustainable tourism agenda in a rural area.

I played a part in this project advising tourism businesses, mainly holiday accommodation providers, how to promote and market their local wildlife, including how to set-up a blog. As well as the aggregate of Bowland specific blogs the site included a wildlife hot spots map. This map provided a guide to the best publicly accessible wildlife sites in and around the AONB. Later this project later expanded out into Lancashire and so it seemed logical to create a website for the whole of Lancashire.

This website is actively being developed, I have just completed a re-design to make the site more mobile and tablet friendly. In the future I hope to expand and develop the hot spots map, and do more to promote local and national wildlife surveys. Plus we are constantly looking for more blogs to join the site and new hot spots.

My day job is webdesign but I am a keen amateur naturalist with particular interest in Ecology and Botany I also have a strong interest in gardening for wildlife and habitat creation.

Barrie Tyrer August 2016

This project has received support from:-

Forest of Bowland AONB, Lancashire County Council, Lancashire and Blackpool Tourism, Northwest RDA