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A Smelly Subject

Here’s a story with conclusions that may not be all that surprising to many bird watchers. It’s about birds’ sense of smell, a subject tackled here on Another Bird Blog in December 2014. https://anotherbirdblog.blogspot.com/2014/12/do-birds-smell…

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Little Surprise

Birders with eyes on the skies and ears to the ground will not be surprised by a RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) report that raptor persecution shows no signs of slowing down across the UK.  Are we also shocked to learn that while…

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High As A Kite!

Hard to believe I didn’t get up Hawthornthwaite Fell this summer, the last and only time I was there was 22 April when I found none, but I derived great pleasure in finding 3 Stonechat at Hawthornthwaite yesterday, also a decent count of 22 R…

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A Few Days Away

We counted. This is our fifteenth time in Menorca. And yes, Menorca is that special. But it does get less quiet, much busier and more popular each year, and that’s why this may be our last.We left Joanne in charge of the house; well she is over 21. The…

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Creeping along

The Safari apologises for the lack of recent updates, inexcusable we know but we have been away for a week in a rather windy southern Scotland. But before we get over the border we’ve been on a few other safaris loser to home doing our best to add to o…

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Wedding Free Zone

I’m back from Menorca with a few photos and tales to tell. Click the pics for more sunny days from the Gem of The Mediterranean, 4th – 18th May 2018. This was our fourteenth visit to this the most beautiful and carefree of the Balearic Islands. P…

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Mad For Menorca

We counted. This is our fourteenth time in Menorca. And yes, it is that special. There’s very little blogging while Sue and I are away so I posted a few pictures from Menorca, both birds and photos of special places.

Don’t forget – “click the pics” for a trip to sunny Menorca. 

Mahon, Menorca

Es Migjorn, Menorca
Coffee Time, Menorca
Fornells village, Menorca

Cattle Egret
Turtle Dove

Egyptian Vulture

Wood Sandpiper and Common Sandpiper

Menorcan Panda


Es Grau, Menorca
Black-winged Stilt

Cattle Egret
Greater Short-toed Lark

Punta Nati- Menorca

Audouin’s Gull

Red-footed Falcon
Ciutadella – Menorca
Serrano Jamon


 Red Kite


Menorcan Friends
More Coffee Menorca Style

 Back soon with more news, views and photographs home and away on Another Bird Blog.

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