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Lancashire Widlife Blogging Help

To get a Google Blog go to Google click on more then at the bottom of the drop down even more or go direct to www.blogger.com

Another system which has more features but is more complicated is Wordpress wordpress.com

Google Blogger Adding a link to your site on every post.

If you want to get technical you can automatically add a link to your web site on every post.

Go to Settings, Formatting, at the bottom is a box, Post Template.

Type or past the code below into the box exactly.   BUT CHANGE www.ribblesdale.net to your own web address.

<a href="http://www.ribblesdale.net">My website</a>

Also replace My website with any text you want preferably including some key words such as Holiday Cottage.

Some other Google tutorials

How to add links back to pages on your website. (PDF 80kb)

How to add a slideshow by importing a Flickr or Photobucket photo album. (PDF 90kb) (not for the fainthearted)

Embed Bird Song in your Posts

You can find recordings of bird song at www.xeno-canto.org and code to embed the recording in your blog posts. On the site use the search facility than click on the catalogue number to get the recording.

For example below the begging calls of young Great Spotted Woodpeckers

<iframe src="http://www.xeno-canto.org/embed.php?XC=25815&simple=1" scrolling=no frameborder=0 width=340 height=160></iframe>

To use this you will have to paste the code when in HTML or CODE view



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